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Raising the standard

Precision Aerial Application Services

Precision Aerial Application is a core function of our business. We provide aerial application services to all of the major customers in the Tasmanian forestry industry statewide.

Fire Support

Our fleet of helicopters are used extensively throughout Tasmania and interstate as fire support with the Tasmania Fire Service, Parks and Wildlife, Forestry Tasmania and major forestry companies.

Electrical Stringing and Maintenance

The precision and versatility of helicopters makes them an ideal and efficient choice for the stringing of powerlines, particularly in remote or difficult to access areas.

Lifting Logistics

Helicopters are the lifting machine of choice for the hard to access site or if you want the job completed fast.

Aerial Survey and Charter

We have a large range of aircraft suitable for charter from the Jetranger 4 passenger helicopter to the larger Eurocopter AS350 5-6 passenger helicopter.

Training and Testing

Our CASA Approved Training Officer offers the following operational ratings, endorsements and training - Aerial Application Ratings, Aerial Application Endorsements, Fire Fighting Endorsements, Low Level Ratings, Sling Endorsements, and Long Line Training

Overland Track Remote Construction

Overland Track Remote Construction

As featured on ABC news August 6, 2020

All the framework, with windows, doors and cladding incorporated where possible, was constructed in a workshop in Devonport and flown in using our helicopters.

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