Pilot Training and Testing

Pilot Training and Testing

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Tasmanian Helicopters provides flight and theory training for Aerial Application Ratings operating from our facilities in Latrobe.

With over 50 years of combined operational experience, our instructors share their knowledge of the aviation industry and stand out within the training field.

Our experienced instructors and flight examiners are Managing Director, Darryl Taylor and Chief Pilot, Bruce Colwell.

We offer the following range of Flight Training and Flight Testing:

  • Helicopter Flight Reviews, Difference Training / Endorsements in R44, B206, AS350 and B205
  • Gas Turbine Design Feature Endorsement
  • Aerial Application Ratings and Endorsements
  • Aerial Application (H) Endorsement
  • Aerial Application (H) FIRE Endorsement
  • Aerial Application Proficiency Checks and Rating Flight Tests
  • Low Level Ratings and Endorsements
  • Low Level (H) Endorsement
  • Low Level (SLING) Endorsement
  • Low Level Rating Flight Tests and Flight Reviews
  • Long Line Training
  • Mountain Flying Training

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PLEASE NOTE: We are approved to conduct Advanced Training only. We do not conduct ab initio training.

Email enquiries direct to Bruce Colwell -